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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You want to live an extraordinary life.

You want to own a beautiful, big house.

You want to buy a shiny car.


As a beggar, you roam the streets of a big city and ask people here and there for some generosity. Every day, your savings add a little bit more, but you are not satisfied.

You know that you are not an ordinary beggar! 
You have a big dream:

 to become
! ! ! ! !

To do this, you must bravely fight the evil and carefully plan your spendings. You believe that one day you will claim the throne in the realm of beggars!


1. Collect as many coins as possible by asking the gentleman for change
2. Distract other beggars (your competitors) with your coins
3. Fight the bad guys by hitting them with COINS (because you have amazing arm muscles)!
4. Stay healthy by buying and consuming food from the food truck (or you could scavenge from the trash cans)
5. Buy upgrades at the shop to help you survive!

Down Arrow: Throw Coins / Exit Shop
Up Arrow : Jump/Shop
Left/Right Arrows: Move
Esc: Pause

1. You : A beggar with a big dream.
2. Gentleman: Rich people who would give you coins. They will give you coins multiple times as long as you do not request to frequently.
3. Beggars: Short-sighted beggars with no dreams. Coins are their only target. Well normally there are no coins dropping from the sky so they have to beg coins from gentlemen. 
4. Robbers: Born from trash cans for unknown reasons. Attack you, because you have a big dream. Try to kill them with coins.

1. Beggar King Crown: Become the beggar king. You can feed another beggar with 5 coins and let that beggar fight with robbers for you. Also, that beggar would give you 50% of his revenue from gentlemen.
2. Strengthen Your Beggars: Upgrade your beggars' attack (effective only when you are a beggar king).
3. Upgrade Coin Shotgun: Throw coins down to robbers when you are above the robbers. Increase 2 coins thrown for every upgrade.
4. Upgrade Jump: Allow player to jump multiple times in air. Increase 1 jump for every upgrade. 
5. Upgrade Coin Damage: Upgrade Coin Damage to Robbers
6. Secret: ???

Play the post-jam version for better balance and improved gameplay


KingofWhaWha: Programming, Art

Doomibox: Programming, Audio


Beggar King (Windows).zip (14 MB)
Beggar King (Mac).zip (18 MB)
Beggar King (Linux).zip (19 MB)
Beggar King (Post Jam) (14 MB)
Beggar King (Post Jam) (18 MB)
Beggar King (Post Jam) (19 MB)


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oh! it will work very good with the indiepad! Is it on indiexpo?